Back Posture Corrector For Woman and Man

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  1. Material : Neoprene, Magnet
  2. Colour :  Black
  3. 5 Sizes : S, M, L , XL , XXL
1 x Magnetic Posture Corrector  (Package As Your Choice)
100% brand new with great quality.
Magnetic Posture Corrector
  1. Easy to wear And Lightweight, Discreet and comfortable ,Give perfect body Shape
  2.  just wear it and go to your daily activities, gym and other sporting activities
  3. Adjustable fit, unisex, men and Women Both can use and Fit
  4. Natural treatment method for healthy body posture, it can improve breathing, pull the shoulders back to stand tall & sit up straight
  5. The 10 bio-magnets (400 Gauss magnets) will re-training of muscles and help you relieve aches ,magnet can back Support improve 
  6. human body fatigue and align your spine
  7. Suitable for male and female, children, young and Adults

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