Knee Leg Support Pillow Memory Foam

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Infrared Heating Shiatsu Massage Cushion Find the perfect way to pamper yourself with this Infrared Heating Shiatsu Massage Cushion! This heating massage pillow is an ideal way to take care of yourself & is all the reward you’ll need after a long day’s work. Equipped with infrared heating and rotating hands, this massaging pillow promises you a deep kneadingmassage each and every time you pick it up. And you can even use it in the car! With the car lighter power adapter, you can use it on the way to or from work, as well as for long treks so you can be comfortable while you’re car-bound. The heated pillow is ideal for neck pains, back aches and all types of head & body pains. And with its dual modes, you have the convenience of choosing a shiatsu massage with or without heat. Until you can afford that personal masseuse, treat yourself to the heat & feel the deep relief of this Infrared Heating Shiatsu Massage Cushion!
The Memory Foam Knee Pillow for Side Sleeper is particularly designed to help alleviate the stress caused by poor sleep discomfort. The memory foam allows proper air ventilation helpful for a good sleep, and unlike traditional memory foam leg pillows, it has a feature that absorbs heat from the body. Provides great back, hips, legs and knee support; Significantly improves spinal alignment; Helps reduce discomfort felt on your back, hips, legs, and knees; Effective solution for arthritis, sciatica, nerve pains; Breathable, comfortable and high-density memory foam; Has fine texture, softness; Designed with ventilated air holes to retains its coolness while being used during your sleep; May also be used as a comfort pillow for pregnant women; and Machine washable cover and easy to clean.
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