Posture Corrector For Woman and Man

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Posture Corrector For Woman and Man
ALL DAY COMFORT - The padded neoprene and ergonomic figure 8 design of the Posture brace provides maximum comfort and support.
LIGHTWEIGHT AND BREATHABLE - The neoprene in the Posture brace is lightweight, breathable, latex free and highly resistant to water, weather and daily wear and tear.
INVISIBLE - The Posture brace is thin and discreet. It easily fits underneath a shirt and is suitable for use in a variety of settings and activities, e.g., office.

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- Brand New, High Quality           
- Posture Corrector X-Shape Black

Specifications :
  • Brand New 100% High Quality
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Materials: Neoprene
  • Color: Black
PUT ON AND ADJUST BY YOURSELF- Fits Chest Circumference Size 27.6-47.2 Inch. Our non-restricting design fits both men and women and both teenagers and adults. By using shoulder straps to adjust,you can easy use the posture back brace by yourself without requiring help to get it on and off.
REALIGNS YOUR SPINE AND RELIEVES BACK PAIN - This brace is designed to mold seamlessly with the upper and middle back, giving you postural support and stabilizing your clavicle. Once worn, the brace will pull the shoulders into an ideal position, all the while realigning the thoracic spine and supporting the middle and upper back. Over time, the brace will help correct and relieve the negative symptoms of bad posture which include back, shoulder and neck pain and tension headaches.
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