The first time I tried this thing, I was at my brother's house, and he had one. At that time, I had been experiencing lower back stiffness every morning for about 10 days - this was the kind of back stiffness that would gradually loosen up as the day went on, and it would be essentially gone by the afternoon.

He convinced me to lay down on his true-back. I used it like he said - first with the hump-end at my upper back. Immediately my upper back popped a few times. It felt good! Then I turned it around and put the hump-end under my lower back, and laid back down on it. Within 2 minutes my back popped several times, and I felt much better!

That back pain did not come back. After a week or so, I figured that my back had gotten tweaked out, and apparently the true-back re-aligned it that quick.

A few weeks later, I was again getting lower back pain. So I bought it . I began to use it, and this time I got a back-pop only occasionally. Still, it seems to stretch my lower back muscles, and after a couple of weeks of use I did not have any more back pain.

The device is small, and will slide under a bed. I keep mine in its box in a closet.

Andrew Givens 

I tried this device at my brother’s home, I have had my neck and upper spine out of whack and causing great pain for over a year since having surgery on both rotator cuffs on both shoulders. It caused pain the first time I used it but since I had read the reviews, I knew to keep trying a bit at a time. The next time I used it, I relaxed and I felt a pop and great relief immediately! I had to have this for my own health! I have been using on pretty much a daily basis and it has done for me what no doctor was able to help with. I love it!

M Thacker 

My Dad has been living with back pain for years and is at the point of having surgery but he does not want that. His girls are always trying to find him relief. I bought him a Trueback and now he says this is the first time he has had no back pain. You can hear it in his voice how much better he feels. He even was able to take his grandkids to SeaWorld - something he could never do before because of all the walking on pavement causing too much pain.

My Dad liked this product so much I bought him another back-up one and also my sister one who also has pain. Do I think this will work for every person - no - too many different back pains - but it definitely worth a try. I am very happy with the product and the company.


I was up one night with back pain no less and saw the infomercial. I was the perfect customer as they said everything that pertained to my sciatic issues, so I figured...what the heck? I was already spending a bunch with chiropractors and physical therapists who would only temporarily address my pain, so I ordered it.

Look...the darn thing WORKS! Sure it is not the most comfortable device, but for me it did relax my back's muscles and guess what? NO MORE SCIATIC pain!! My lower back pain is GONE!! No more tingling in my legs down to my toes! No more hot and cold applications before I went to bed!

Still skeptical (as I thought my experience was a fluke), I let my brother use it as he had similar back issues...well...I had to "steal" it back out of his house and told him to order his own! He loved it! My cleaning lady was complaining one day about her back (she was literally hunched over right before Christmas!), so I bought her one as a present. She said if was the best thing anybody ever did for her back!

I have recommended it for friends and associates of mine and I am batting a 1,000 (7 for 7)...all LOVED what it did for their lower back and sciatic issues.

Just follow the instructions and say good bye to your back pain. Can't recommend this crazy looking device enough!


I had low backache for nearly 20 years and went through all kinds of treatments, but none of them had long lasting result. Doctors couldn't see anything wrong with my back. Amazingly, I felt good the first time I tried true back. It's been about 2 weeks since I got it and I feel great. Not only I am pain free now, I also have a lot more energy. To me, this is the greatest invention since slice of bread. It practically gives me my life back.

A word of caution -- follow the instructions, do not use it for too long in the beginning, else you may develop uncomfortable symptoms. I also keep the foams in place and cover the entire area with a small blanket until you get used to it.

M Yang 

In my experience it helped tremendously, I have had trouble with my back for years. Ideally, I would like to go the chiropractor every week but simply cannot afford it. This device decompresses my spine and takes all the tension out of my back. Each time I use it and get up, I have an incredible feeling of well being.

It takes only about 5-10 minutes each day and I feel great. The first time I tried it, it felt like a torture device but I believe that my body was that far out of whack. By the 3rd session I leaned to relax on the True Back and allow it to perform as it was designed.

It is not a substitute for a chiropractor but certainly has made it possible for me to go very long periods without having to see my doctor.

Give it a try. It has changed my life and just might help you too.

S Brennan 

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