True Back Orthopaedic Traction Device

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* Reduce or eliminate Acute or Chronic back and neck pain
* lower back spasms
* Muscle soreness from sport or work
* Muscle tension from sitting down all day – at the office or in the car or truck
* Poor posture causing stiffness and back strain
* Improve flexibility in shoulder and back
* Correct postural imbalances
* Restore the natural curvature of the back
* Relieve Sciatica

What's included?

* True Back
* Foam inserts (removable for increase traction)
* Informative brochure
* Instructional DVD (formatted for DVD players only)
* Support Pillow
* Batteries are included with the vibrating True Back

Note: The True Back comes completely assembled and ready to use.

The Trueback has a 1 year limited warranty. The supplier warrants that it is free of defects in materials and workmanship for a period on 1 year from the date of purchase.

Trueback in Australia, direct from USA manufacturer – As seen on TV
The True Back helps in reducing & eliminating back pain, spasms, sciatica, cramps, stress and tension, while increasing flexibility and restoring postural balance. If pain is ruining your fun in life, get pain relief now by ordering the True Back today.
While laying on True Back, the spine floats in the centre channel. The thirty suspension points moulded into the centre rails support your body weight and create pressure to the muscles which are located on each side of the spine (musculoskeletal system).
The pressure enables the muscles to relax which increases blood flow. While lying on True Back, the individual is passively stretched in opposite directions while being supported in the correct position.



* If you are pregnant or you have had any recent back surgeries, including fusions, cementing, pins, rods and cages, it is recommended to consult your physician to see if Trueback is right for you.
* True back is not intended as a substitute for professional medical care.
* It may not be suitable for all people and if in doubt consult your physician, especially if you have pre-existing back or neck conditions or injuries.
* Certain conditions may be contraindicated such as: Spondylosis, Osteoporosis, Severe Arthritis, Spondylolisthesis, Spinal Lesions/Tumors, and Acute Fractures.
* Read instructions thoroughly. Stop if you feel pain or dizziness.

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