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A sore neck and headache can affect your sleep and concentration. This cervical posture pillow provides stress relief from hours of study, using your phone or computer, carrying babies, gaming or sitting in the car for ages. It’s perfect for helping with TMJ relief, migraine relief, niggling shoulder pain and headache-inducing neck pain. An essential item to add to your self care products.


You’ve probably heard of "tech neck" and "gamer’s neck". What you might not realise is that sitting at a desk for hours or even carrying a baby for ages can have the same effect on your body. Hunched shoulders, curved spine, and neck pain ???? This cervical pillow is ergonomically designed to help improve your posture by encouraging cervical curvature. By reducing the strain on your neck and shoulder muscles, your posture will start to improve. YOU ONLY NEED 10 MINUTES Relax and let gravity do the work. The memory foam is comfortable and the massage nodes directly target sensitive pressure points at the back of the neck for muscle relaxation. Because you only need 10 minutes to get the benefits, you can easily fit it into your daily routine. NOTE: It can take a few days for your body to adapt to the traction – we recommend you start with 2 minutes then gradually increase the time you use the pillow


The pillow can be used in either direction. Start with the gentle side (refer to instructions) until your body adapts. Turn it around for stronger traction. Either way, it’s easy to use. All you need is a flat, stable surface to lie down on. Whether it’s the floor, couch or bed, as long as you can lie flat, your neck will get the optimum benefits from the ultimate neck stretcher.


Made from 100% memory foam, the pillow is odourless and non-toxic. The firmness of the memory foam provides the comfort your neck needs while using it. Shaped to suit most adults. It’s small enough to pack into a bag so you can take it to the office or uni, and easy to store when not in use. PERFECT GIFT There aren’t many people these days who don’t experience some form of neck pain from being hunched over constantly. If you’re looking for gift for a gamer or IT Professional, a gift for mum or a best friend gift, then give them this cervical neck traction pillow. They’ll thank you for it! What is the CRL Direct Cervical Neck Pillow? The CRL Neck Traction Pillow is designed to help correct the alignment of your cervical spine, in turn relieving pain due to poor posture. It works by stretching your neck so that the curve of your cervical spine is gently realigned. Used regularly, the cervical curve of your spine will gradually realign, improving posture and relieving pain. Available in Blue or Black. How should I use the Cervical Neck Pillow? To get the full benefits of the device, lie flat on a comfortable surface. After you’ve positioned the device under your neck, take slow, deep breaths to relax your whole body. As with most things, it can take a few uses to adapt to using a new device. We recommend you start with the gentle traction until your body is used to it, then transition to the strong traction. Start with 2 minutes and then gradually build up to 10 mins per day. The pillow can be used both ways, for either gentle traction or strong traction. Please read the instructions for full details. Will I Benefit from the Cervical Traction Neck Pillow? The cervical pillow is great for people who suffer from any of these symptoms in the neck/shoulder region: Neck Pain Shoulder Pain Muscle tension TMJ pain Headaches Tech neck Gamer's neck Package includes Neck Traction Pillow (Blue or Black) Instruction Leaflet

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